Tips for Travelling…

Once you start packing for The Galapagos Adventure keep in mind that it is a totally different world and you have to be prepared to… in all different aspects.

Here below you find a list of the most important things to pack and to bring to this discovery:

• Raincoat or light wind breaker

• Bathing suit

• Shorts

• Light trousers

• Long sleeves shirts

• T-shirts

• Sandals / tevas

• Sturdy shoes

• Caps / hats 

• Sun lotion 30+ SPF

• Mosquito repellent

• Sunglasses

• Binoculars

• Flashlight or headlamp

• Fleece

• Gifts for home hosted meal

And next some more info that could be helpfull

Swimming suits, water and snorkel activities:    Bring your swimming suits!!! every day we have the possibility for a swim or a snorkel during the journey (sometimes from the beach, sometimes directly from the dinghy) and the boats have usually available on board REGULAR snorkel masks and fins to borrow or to rent depending on the boat but I HIGHLY recommend you to bring yours specially if you need prescription masks or if you consider necessary and you really enjoy this activity.

During dry season ( July and August ) the water temperature is cooler and there are some boats where wetsuits are available on board FOR RENT (prices from 35 to 45 USD dollars per wetsuit for a 7 night-cruise) whether we use it or not along the cruise it is the price to be paid.   When snorkel gear is provided on board 20 to 25 USD dollars is the price for a 7 night-cruise

Walks, hikes and land activities

Our hikes start with landings, wet or dry landings will bring us to discover wonderfull landscapes and wildlife that we encounter throught sandy or rocky trails.   For those activities I suggest you as minimal gear:

I usually take three pairs of shoes for the Galapagos portion of the trip:   1. Footwear for wet landings (sandals, aqua shoes, Tevas) 2. Sturdy shoes or hike shoes for dry landings and lava trails (sometimes boulders) 3. Something to wear on board, we keep clean decks and cabins from accidents (think about sea lion excrements in your rooms!!)


It is suggested that you have copies of your passport, airline tickets (if not electronic tickets), and of your Travel Protection Plan.

Do not carry or wear expensive jewelry or valuables while walking around the cities we visit or snorkelling (sometimes it is not easy to recover your diamond earings from the bottom of the sea!!! ).

Cameras and Binoculars are extremely useful for spotting birds and take pictures form other wildlife.

Once you started your trip on machu Picchu, you have with you a big luggage with clothe that are unnecessary on the islands so, we at OAT suggest you to bring a smaller duffle bag to the Galapagos. Why??? mainly because the space on board is not the same as in a hotel and once you are on the islands you don´t really need alpaca sweters or ponchos 🙂 so, you can leave the larger bags and suitcases in Quito.

Seasickness pills or patches might be useful during choppy navigations

We will have the chance to visit a local school (when not in hollidays), but please do not bring any school supplies. Mostly of the groups have already brought pretty much the same items. If we would like to give them a hand, we can coordinate something on site once you’re here.

For our home hosted meal, you might bring a small gift for the hosts if you would like to do so. Magnets, coffee cups, or dishes related to the area that you’re from are always very much appreciated.   And remember, the most important is the experience, NOT what you bring to the family!!!


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