OAT Philosophy & Values…

Once you decided to travel with OAT to Machu Picchu and The Galapagos, you also decided to visit a fascinating new world, different from the one you’re accustomed to at home.

Your journey will begin with a long flight south towards a destination halfway across the globe. You will land in Peru, Lima and will continue to Machu Picchu as first part before coming to The Galapagos.

Once you arrive in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, I will be at the airport to start with you the second part of this beautiful new experience; after the visit of the city we continue with a flight that will bring us to the Enchanted Galapagos Archipelago with one of the most pristine and unique ecosystems of the world.

In every trip, on OAT we have been looking for years the most knowledgeable people to develop a trip that has the best value for your money.   We look for details, we look for Trip Leaders that understand and feel the local culture and nature.

I´m the connection between what you see and your senses, and in every corner we have possibilities for new learnings & discoveries.

In a day, we have choices about what to do, in some areas you are free to move and go but remember that since you are in a group we are family; one for all – all for one.   So OAT on the Galapagos has small groups of maximum 16 people that gives us better chances to enjoy this wild world.

We appreciate your flexibility and readiness to deal with any unexpected situation, when you decided to come you chosse NOT the boat but the Wildlife Experience wich is much more interesting and rich.   We do our best to turn any potential negatives into positives and we hope from you Feedbacks NOT complaints!!! This will help in the future to improve our programs and services.

Enjoy your trip and use your sense of humor, you will meet new people and the challenge is having fun in every activity.

At Overseas Adventure Travel, we believe that we travel in order to expand our horizons, to improve the world we share, to improve our lives and to help others improve theirs. We think that we become better people by opening our hearts and minds, by sharing our experiences and cultures, as well as by supporting the people and local economies of the countries we visit.

We certainly know that through travel, we reach an understanding of the world that we share with others, and that this is the first step in accepting our differences and growing beyond them.

Trust me that this trip will reward you with unique and meaningful experiences, as well as the opportunity to discover a whole new world full of natural wonders.

So prepare yourself… in mind and body, for the best travel experience.


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