OAT – Galapagos MPG 09 | 24 | 2011

Our journey started with a local flight (3 hours) from Quito, to Guayaquil and then to Baltra Airport on the Galapagos.

Once we arrived, we started discovering the incredible wildlife of the islands, remember the first impressions approaching the giant tortoises, sea lions; discovering blue footed boobies on the rocks, marine and land iguanas… ufff Journeys full of new experiences and landscapes.

At the end of a long journey you bring back home your photos, some souvenirs and the most important for us:  good memories and new good friends.   Thank you to all of you…



OAT – Quito MPG 09 | 24 | 2011

Our adventure started with The Ecuador & Galapagos portion, our OAT group had the possibility to discover the wonders of Quito and the surroundings of the City.

SINAMUNE, a local school for disabled children were Maestro Palacios organizes and helps them developing more skills year by year was the first visit in a sunny morning in Quito.

After a performance we danced, clapped, and enjoy the music and the happiness of the SINAMUNE family… Thank you for all your support !!!

Next stop “Middle of the World” … Equator line!!! INTI NAN Museum, what a fun experience water whirlpool and energies 🙂

A full day with history and a Quito discovery.