About myself…

in the air...

Andres Cadena G.

To start with, a passionate of nature, photography & travel… I ´ve been working in tourism since 1998, with a degree in Eco – Tourism studies and several trainings in different national protected areas in the country.

I became a specialized Trip Leader with the commitment to share with the travelers all the experiences that the interaction with local people and observation of nature gave to me.   During a nearly ten-year period of time I have had the good fortune to guide groups from all over the world sharing different countries and interests.


I hope to have helped them live new and refreshing experiences, leaving their cares and stresses of work and home behind.  As well as I want to experience with in this new challenge!!!

I was born in Quito and I am the first of 3 children of a small mestizo family, with a rich blend of every corner of my unusual piece of land call Ecuador. My wife and I have recently moved to a beautiful paradise – The Galapagos Islands.   Since we have arrived we have discovered nature in its purest state, and this is what I want you to experience too.

Some days ago we brought to life a little baby called Juan Andres and now we plan to start a small family business between Quito and the islands.

on the mountains...

During your trip we will have the possibility to share more about each other and maybe… why not become the best friends ever!!!

I have to say that you can ask me any questions about the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador by calling or emailing 24/7:

  • Tel + (593) 99 688 292
  • Mail: fachain@hotmail.com

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