Dear Overseas Adventure Travellers – AWG 03 | 12 | 2014

Bienvenidos amigos… ( welcome friends !!! )

On behalf of Overseas Adventure Travel, I want to send you a huge welcome greeting before your arrival to my country… Ecuador.

I am Andres Cadena, your Trip Leader on your up coming trip to Galapagos – Ecuador Islands portion which is the second part of your Ultimate Galapagos Explorations & Ecuador’s Amazon Wilds and I hope to exceed all your expectations for this trip. I was born in Quito, the capital of Ecuador and you can have a look with more info at the About myself… link on top of this post. I’ve been part of the OAT Team in Ecuador since 2008. As your Trip Leader, I will be leading and coordinating your activities in the islands.

In the Amazon portion you will have an extra bonus with your local guide Jose Naranjo , he will join us to bring more information with another point of view becoming this visit more interesting with full of new discoveries. So get ready for the adventure, get ready for the best travel experience !!! Overseas Adventure Travel seeks out unusual experiences in places that are off the beaten track.

Specifically this ecuadorian tour has been carefully designed thinking on all the possible activities for you to discover: my county, my culture, my people and off course the unique wildlife and nature that Ecuador & Galapagos have.

We need from you some extra flexibility and a 100% positive attitude to have during this unique journey the best travel experience. Make sure to be opened and get prepared to leave your comfort zone. We never know what we’ll encounter, from airline delays to unpredictable weather, rough seas and sometimes very choppy waters as we sail at night from one island to the next one; but remember you come here to discover a fascinating new world!!! On the next pages, you’ll find information regarding How Galapagos looks like…,OAT Philosophy & Values…, Tips for Travel…, with a Recommended Packing List which gives you a detailed view of this new adventure that just started…


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